Anything that is open to the environment needs maintaining. If left unattended a scheme will quickly become overgrown and look unsightly. Regardless of whether we have designed and implemented the scheme ourselves, we offer an excellent after-care service to ensure landscapes retain their good looks in the long term.

The scheduling of maintenance visits is tailored to the type of open space involved. For example, a property which includes a lawn should be cut at least once every three weeks in Summer; a freshly planted border would perhaps only require a quarterly visit.

We provide a detailed client report, noting down the works needed to be carried out and costs attached. If a monthly maintenance plan is required, we make clear from the outset the specific requirements of each visit

Services Include mowing, hedge pruning and pressure washing. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Whether you are looking for a complete re-design or a simple on-going maintenance service, we would be delighted to provide a quote.