Large gardens are wonderful, but as you know, often require lots of maintenance. Whether designing large outdoor spaces from scratch, or tweaking existing landscaped gardens, we always establish from the outset what level of maintenance a client need. In doing so, we can create a garden design which perfectly meets both the aesthetic and practical or financial criteria of the brief.

The terraced garden

No garden can be as daunting as a garden that has a large slope which needs sculpting into a thing of beauty. Balance and sensitivity are key. If one of the walls is too high then the terrace would feel over-bearing and too structured for the plants they frame.

White is a risky colour. For such a wall it could look too bright, but careful planting would soften it and enable the plants to stand out. We love to share for your information a planting guide from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

large residential landscapes
large multilevel landscaped

The lawned garden

This design can be summed up in the words “less is more”!. The client wanted a garden that retained the borders. Also, easy maintenance and that works well with many different height changes.

In this design lots of green softens the impact of the structured walls. The planting scheme is very textural to soften the hard brick walls. Therefore, plants like a box hedge would have looked out of place.

Old houses tend to need old walls.  In this case old reclaimed bricks were used. Be careful when using if they have cracks on then the frost will damage the face of the brick.

large victorian walled garden
Victorian walled garden

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The curved pathway

Circles are one of the more interesting shapes to use in gardens. They direct where the eye starts and finishes. Initially, the area of interest is towards the back right hand side. Then, to the Japanese planted area to the left hand side. Finally, leading to the front of the lawn.

Such a journey makes a medium sized garden look much bigger. Tones of colour are important, the palate should be autumnal but if the colours are too bright then this would look garish.

Maintenance can be an issue in circular borders. You can be left with much bigger areas to maintain than a square garden. To avoid this gravel, placed over membrane, and plants that are slow growing, such as dwarf grasses, were used.

soft landscaping North London
hard landscaping North London

The Modern Garden Stream

The stream meanders its way through the paving, providing better proportioned spaces. The sharp edges are softened with the box hedge in the foreground, with the subtle black planter planted with much softer plants.

large gardens
large garden London