A selection of our small residential landscapes

We love designing small gardens, transforming even the most modest patio areas into interesting, stylish and highly atmospheric spaces. Be it through the use of premium quality materials (often cost-prohibitive in larger gardens), expert design and planting to optimise or give the illusion of more space, or clever lighting to create ambience and illuminate special features – we know exactly how to maximise minimal outdoor spaces.

The Relaxation Pool

Large expenses of water can be very relaxing. Having a shallow pool lets you easily see the pebbles below rather than having a deep black space. The shallowness is also beneficial when you have children. An important factor to consider, is maintenance. Water features must have the correct filtration system, otherwise your pool will soon turn green.

Hampton court landscape design
commercial pool gardem

The Relaxation Garden

Gardens that are smaller need more features. These features don’t have to be large but they do have to be interesting and allow the eye to travel around the garden, this enables a small garden to appear larger than it is. The more nooks and crannies the better, such us the stepping stones over the water feature. This has been framed by the mosaic wall. A frame is just as important in a garden as a frame is for a picture.

residential landscapes
residential landscaping

Contemporary Family Garden

Children enjoy playing on a good sized lawn and it helps if the lawn is central in the garden and as large as possible in relationship to the rest of the design. The colours of the hard landscaping is very important, going for a clean neutral grey allows the green to really stand out. Creating ‘rooms’ within a garden is also essential, whilst without restricting the view through the space. Stepping stones are a lovely feature especially when placed with soft but architectural low growing plants. This draws you through that walkway and into the chair.

modern garden landscape
modern family landscape

Textural Seating Area

By having a smaller seating area in a smaller garden it allows the garden to have more textures and more pockets of planting the greater the interest. The boundary line can dictate most designs and in this case a white painted wall not only makes the space look bigger, by reflecting more light, but suggests a softer pallet of colour for the plants such as a slightly off-grey mixed with lush bright green. Smaller gardens also benefit from a small step up to the seating area, allowing you to feel like you are sitting over the plants.

small landscaping courtyard
landscape courtyard

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The Walled Garden

Sometimes simplicity is the key. In this instance the boundary dictated the design. If there had been a fence, instead of a wall, then the design would be very different. The box balls and topiary are acting as the main feature. If feature plants are chosen then it is less necessary to focus on primary features such as water features etc. In gardens like this, where modern meets Victorian design, the only shape that would work is a square, as a circle or curve would not provide the desired modular effect. 

victorian landscaping
victorian residential landscape

The Circular Seating Area

Space is in short supply on a roof terrace so even the design of a bench is critical to how the design works. What better way to enhance a seating area than by having a suspended bench with no legs and connecting to a wall? The curved raised wall contains and allows the softer textured plants to be raised up, to almost eye level when seated, and also makes maintenance much easier. The colour scheme of the flowers is blue, white and purple with the odd splash of red to act as the primary feature.

modern roof garden landscape
contemporary terrace landscaping

The Rooftop Patio

The seating is key to any successful roof terrace. The table and chairs have very thin legs so you can see to the view beyond and behind. The foliage away is moved from the floor space and uses pots which are narrower at the base and wider at the top which provides more floor space and conceals unwanted focal points. When areas are so small and every centimetre counts, flowers and textures become less important to provide for larger areas of green. These areas can be different shapes which guides your vision through the garden.

residential landscapes terraces
terrace landscaping

The Glass Garden

Plants like palms and bamboo are great plants to illuminate due to the amount of light created. It is far better to use a simple spot light as this avoids a halo effect. In this case it is better to avoid a solid structure, such as a pergola, as this would ruin the effect. Installing a glass pod is a great way of avoiding such visual barriers.

The tone of the light is also important, a soft white has been used to lesson the effects of bright garish spot lights. 

urban landscaping London
small urban landscape London

The Blue Garden

Subtly and blue lighting are not two words that go together. However, when the choice of paving has been carefully selected to subdue the brightness of the lighting, and the white walls soften the vividness of the blue, it creates a soft, more lush colour and creates a sense of anticipation.

The dark, perfectly honed, stones match well with the round, white pebbles and white rendered walls. The soft architectural grasses offer a break from the hard landscaping, giving the garden a more organic element than one would expect from a space so modern.

landscaping roof garden
landscape roof gardens London